2015 Year in Review #Humblebrag

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I can’t believe we are one day away from 2016! It seems like every year we always say the same thing about the previous year, that it went by so fast. And this one was no different. My mom recently had her second hip-replacement surgery which reminded me that I began this year at her home in Colorado, playing nurse (being really happy that’s not the career path I chose while admiring all those amazing nurses and just WOW; you all are angels, no really, you are.) By the end of last January, I felt like I had a solid direction for my life path, little did I know, I had no idea. However, I returned to California with a plan. I was going to shoot my own stuff, be my own artist and refuse to slow down… Until we went to Paris. And thus, the humble brag begins:

While I was still in Colorado, Drew texted me saying, “Let’s go to Paris.” I clearly thought he was kidding until he followed up with, “I’ve been talking to Jeremie, we should visita him when he moves back.” Jeremie was our neighbor in California, who had just confirmed a job in his hometown of Paris and was moving back there. It seemed like the perfect excuse to travel to Europe.


We visited Paris for 10 days, stayed in Jeremie’s neighborhood of Montmarte, and had a BLAST!

We also drove in a little, tiny car (The KA) to Amsterdam, which was equally amazing, however it was freezing.


We felt pretty misplaced once we returned from Europe. LA was just not the dream inspiring place it had been when we both moved there three years earlier.

Also, upon our return, we had some interesting news: It was suddenly NOT OK for us to live in our apartment with Jax the cat (even though we had been there with him for a year with no problem) So we decided to embrace this as a push in a new direction. We opted to move to Austin, TX.

Right before our move, we were scheduled to attend a beautiful wedding in Boston. One of my lovely friends from College, Cate, was tying the knot! And being the wicked smart travel folks we recently deemed ourselves to be, we also bought tickets to a music festival in Cincinnati the weekend before Cate’s “I Do.” (Because that made sense on paper)

Hold on, I almost forgot our three day camping trip in Yosemite. We figured that this may be our last chance to see the famed national park, so we went. On a whim.


Then we flew to Boston, rented a car and drove to Cincinnati for Bunbury Music Festival for 3 days. After that, we drove to Buffalo, NY to meet my nephew, ASHER for the first time!

Asher BW

A few days there, then on to Boston! It was my first time back to the city since college! It was AMAZING to catch up with old friends, and meet everyone’s love interests! (Aw!) I predict many more weddings in the near future!


The day we got back from that wild adventure, we started packing our apartment. We moved out 2 weeks after our return. It was MADNESS. Not the best packing job or organization. I guess that’s probably one in the same.

It was Drew’s brilliant idea to send Jax and me on a plane to Colorado to make his (Jax) travel time MUCH shorter. And surprisingly, it was a great experience. Jax is secretly an awesome flyer, and people are SO very kind in the airport when you fly with a cute, scared into submission, fluffy cat.


In between the move from LA to ATX, we stayed in Colorado with my mom for a little over a month while we figured out just how to make it all possible.



Red Mountain #2, Ouray, CO

While in Colorado, Drew and I made a super long road trip to Hilton Head for his family’s annual get-together. That’s where/when we discovered Drew has the blood of a trucker. He drove 15 hours in 1 day. Honestly, it was fun, but I’m not trying to do cross country drives for many more vacations.

Hilton Head Island featuring Drew’s Mom and Step-dad. Don’t they look like a vacation ad?

Finally, in September, we moved to Austin. And life seems like it started to go at hyper-speed! We got here, sort of settled, Drew bought a car, and we adopted a little Jade, the cutest puppy ever.

Picture from Forgotten Friend’s Facebook page

So wow. It has been a crazy year! Looking back, I forgot we did so much in just 365 days!

I’m definitely highlighting the travel and our big move. What I’m leaving out of this blog post is how many people we were lucky enough to spend time with. It was such a good year for getting around, and thank you all for being a part of it. (And allowing us to sleep in your spare rooms) We really, greatly love and appreciate you!

Cheers to this year! And let’s make plans for the next one! (Or no plans, let’s maybe try to go with the flow.)

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