Anniversary Post – 4 Whole years!

I love Drew. We are so lucky to have found each other at our ripe age of 20 something. The adventures we’ve had, the memories we’ve made, and the fur babies we’ve adopted, have all been life changing events (For the better); I can’t imagine a great life made any other way.

Our Meet-Cute can be left for another day, if you’ve met us, you’ve probably heard it a million and 1 times. (Because we think it’s one of the cutest, but I guess any life-altering event could be thought of this way to those whose lives have been altered) What I do want to talk about is our first date! The one that we re-do every year on our anniversary; A mini-tradition started unknowingly on our first outing together.

Before Drew and I officially started dating, I had discovered the delicious confusion that is the Monte Cristo Sandwich, two pieces of French Toast on the outside, and layers of ham, turkey and swiss on the inside, all dipped, gloriously, into a cup of maple syrup. On their own, I only like about 2 of the ingredients, but together, this sandwich tickles the taste-buds in a way only a beautiful contradiction can. I was in love with a sandwich that I only crossed paths with once, and told Drew many times about how I couldn’t help but crave the flavors since! So, Drew asked me in a subtle (Maybe not-so-subtle) way to accompany him to a 50’s Diner in Santa Monica. There we ate, YOU GUESSED IT, a Monte Cristo. It was beautiful. And Oh, so good!

Then  we proceeded to buy a bottle of Tequila and drink it over the course of the next 12 hours in the Canals of Venice, CA while falling deeply, deeply in love. That part we’ve decided to skip as far as re-creating that first date. Great memory, though.

This year, we found the BEST Monte Cristo Sandwich in all of Austin, TX. And it was glorious. dsc03709

We went to a place called “The Picnic” in South Austin, where food trucks permanently line the parameter, to find the Sandwich truck called, “Hey! …You Gonna Eat or What?” which won Truck by TruckWest and Trucklandia with their famous Shiner Monte Cristo. And it was definitely one of the best sandwiches of all time: Beer Battered, with Texas’ favorite lager, Shiner Bock, and stuffed with ham, turkey and cheddar, with a delicious blueberry maple syrup. What a memorable sandwich– I mean, 4th Anniversary!



After our excellent sandwich date, we trekked back to Central Austin, a few blocks from our apartment, to finally try (Another food truck) Gourdough’s.


In typical Texas style, Gourdough’s offers some of the largest doughnuts I have ever seen. Not only is it an extra large doughnut, but it is then piled high with your choice of toppings. I got a “Nutty Valentine” Strawberry/Cinnamon Sugar/Nutella one, Drew got a “Porky’s” Canadian Bacon/Jalapeno Jelly/Cream Cheese. (SO GOOD) They were so big, we didn’t even eat a half!


It was a magical night. A much needed date in the beginning chaos of our move.

I love you, Drew! Cheers to the past 4 years, and onward to the next 100!

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