Camino: Bilbao

Day 7 on our Camino was a rest day. We jumped on the train the day before, Logroño to Bilbao, about 3 hours. Kelsy wanted to check out a Game of Thrones site that was about an hour away. I stayed in the city and did a little exploring.

Bilbao is a magical city, I didn’t really know what to expect but the life and the people and the architecture… it feels other-worldly and completely welcoming. It has become one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. (I want to write a book there someday)

I was feeling a little guilty that we weren’t walking this day. I was also feeling like we already had two rest days (Bilbao and Pamplona) and we may not make it all the way to Santiago in the time we had left in Spain. At that point we still had about 28 days, but time felt like it was flying by and, on the map, it looked like we had made very little progress. We still had a whole country to walk across! So I spent part of the day drinking Café con leche and mapping out how the rest of our trip would be mapped out.


20170917_112603Bilbao’s most famous site is the Guggenheim Museum (Pictured above). It’s an unusual building, sort of a work of art in itself! And that giant flower dog, which has become the mascot of the city, also a tribute to how much Spain loves their four-legged companions.


Until Next time Bilbao! I can’t wait for the future that brings us back together. Buen Camino!


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