Camino: Pamplona

Day 3

We walked over 20 miles on our second day to get to Pamplona so that we would have a rest day in the Hemingway-made-famous city. We were so excited to get out and explore, the weather was beautiful and every person we talked to was incredibly kind and helpful. It was a great day of relaxing and exploring.

Although we weren’t there for any special holiday (Like the famous running of the bulls), it was a beautiful city with interesting shops, delicious food (You must eat the pinchos here!) and awesome sites, like the wall that still surrounds the old city from centuries ago.


I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t walk into the old city from the Camino. I can’t even imagine how wonderful that would be to see the medieval gate at the end of your day.

We stayed in an AirBnB for two nights. It was excellent. I need to count my blessings when it comes to renting on sites like AirBnB, I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences. This was the first time that I stayed in a room and shared the space with the host and other renters. However, we hardly saw anyone else (including the hosts), so it felt like a private apartment anyway.


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