Anniversary Post – 4 Whole years!

I love Drew. We are so lucky to have found each other at our ripe age of 20 something. The adventures we’ve had, the memories we’ve made, and the fur babies we’ve adopted, have all been life changing events (For the better); I can’t imagine a great life made any other way.

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On Marriage:

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage…” We all know that song, right? I remember singing it in elementary school with no idea that it was really societal brain-washing starting at a young age. Why didn’t the song sing: “First comes love, then comes adventure, then comes careers with a co-parent strategy that will rock the next generation…” I guess because it doesn’t rhyme.

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“It’s the small stuff”

7 Things NOT To Do For Your Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day came and went this year. Drew and I barely even talked about it. For us, it’s just another day. We don’t buy each other candy, lingerie, or do any sort of fancy dinner. We simply treat it like every Saturday. In fact, I went for a hike with my sister in Malibu that day, so it was a little more than ordinary, with underlying fun. However, the best part of the holiday is listening to what everyone recommends you do for your “sweetheart.”

Last night, Drew told me about how a friend of our’s suggested he do something simple and sweet, like what our friend does for his wife every year, which is make a hot, bubbly, relaxing bath for her. He even offered to let us borrow some of his wild assortment of bubbles. Drew told him that he could never do that for me, because he knew that I find our bath, in our little apartment, to be one of the most disgusting places on the planet. What he could do instead that would make me happy, is to “clean the shit out of it.” When Drew relayed this story to me, I laughed out loud. He knows me SO well!

I found this article today, which made me smile again, about how science proves there are certain traits about our significant others could be the “perfect” match. Like my mom always said, “It’s the small things that become the big stuff,” referring to those little quirks that make or break the relationship.

I guess the best part of the story was not only does Drew know my quirks, but he loves them. It wasn’t like he was annoyed at my OCD when it comes to cleanliness, he finds it to be a small part of the bigger whole that makes me unique.

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The Start of Caturdays

Jax the Cat
Jax the Cat

Happy Saturday OR Caturday to all.  I would like to first begin this by introducing our feline love, JAX.

Drew and I adopted Jax at the beginning of the summer after a few brief meetings.  He was a 6 year old cat that was de-clawed on all four paws (Not cool people) and surrendered because “He likes to be alone too much.” Jax has now been living with us for a few months, and we are still getting to know one another. I feel like there has already been some sort of a bond: He knows we are his humans. We love him, take hundreds of pictures of him on every device we can, and obsess over his well being (Like what canned food he prefers, what toys are the most stimulating, etc.) Even though Drew and I have been pet owners most of our lives, we’ve never adopted a full grown animal. And with that the bonding process is slower, or at least with cats like Jax.

I don’t know what kind of world Jax witnessed growing up.  Aside from the ridiculous statements on why the previous owners were unhappy with him, the alone thing and they claimed he didn’t like other cats, we are doing our best to make the most loving and happy environment we can.  He follows us from room to room.  He gets along with everyone who comes over. And very recently he climbed into my lap for the first time.  Jax loves attention, so I always thought it would be just a matter of time, but it happened and it made me feel like this is deeper that just a cat we adopted: we’re family. Maybe this makes me sound like a crazy cat lady, but I don’t care.  Jax is the sweetest kitty-cat.  And I’m happy his previous owners surrendered him, and we were lucky enough to adopt such a sweetheart.  He’s definitely enhanced our lives!

Stay tuned for more life on the adopted side stories about Jax.  Obviously, I have a lot of pictures to share, and I can’t help but be that lady always talking about her cat like it’s a child.

If you are looking for a new pet, look into adopting one, please.

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