June Wedding Style Guide

The older I get, the more and more June turns into “wedding month.” Whether I’m going to a wedding, or everyone else seems to be traveling to weddings: from your friends at home, to neighbors, to the random people you meet at the festival or on the elevator of your hotel… It’s like that movie Bridewars finally makes sense to me.  We are even part of that crowd this year, heading to Boston this weekend for my college friend, Cate’s wedding. (And I am really excited!)

Since I have been traveling a lot this month, (I think we have been home a grand total of 12 hours in June) I wanted to wear something that was pretty, simple, and will travel! So in my quest to find the perfect wedding-guest dress, I thought I ought to make a little list of some pretty suggestions for my wedding style guide.

I love a shift dress, for any occasion. They may not be the most figure flattering, but they do compliment a lot of body types. Plus, they are easy to dress up or dress down depending on your shoes and accessories. I really love this one from LuLu’s, it’s simply, pretty and has some great sequin detail.

wedding 1


For a daytime into evening wedding, or a garden party… whichever, I love this floral dress from Anthropologie. This fit-n-flare style is really figure flattering! It will always make you look thinner than you feel, especially after eating the wedding cake! Also, if you have ever worn a dress from Anthro, you know that they are well made and always very comfortable.

wedding 2



It seems like every where we are seeing the Midi-length Dress this summer. And I think it’s absolutely perfect for a wedding! Great for dancing, comfortable, will look good in pictures… all the important stuff. 🙂  I love this one from ASOS, it looks comfortable, flowy, and machine washable. Excellent.

wedding 3



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Beauty Products I Need Overseas

In all of my favorite beauty products.
In all of my favorite beauty products.

Drew and I have been talking about what exactly we are taking to Europe, so that the suitcase will be manageable and (hopefully) have enough room for both of us to get everything we need/want in one bag. Is that crazy? Maybe.

So I was talking about my beauty products, and he said, (About the shampoo) “Can’t we just get some there?” Of course we can! Except that I have long hair, and if I get the wrong stuff it will be tangled all day. But it could also be fun. Then I thought, what if I find something over there that I LOVE and can’t get over here??? Just kidding, we have the internet.

Using ColorStay lipstick in  "Preview"
Using ColorStay lipstick in “Preview”


However, there are just a few things that I don’t think I will be able to do without. No excuses.

Trader Joe’s ENRICH Face Lotion 

This one might seem silly, (It only costs a few dollars) but it is really amazing. I first tried this product about a year ago when a makeup artist recommended it to me. And now I can’t live without it. Plus, it has SPF 15. AND it’s a great base for whatever makeup you put on top. It’s light, makes my skin soft, and allows moisture to cover every inch without any grease. I really love it.


I love Covergirl makeup. It is probably my favorite of the drugstore variety. (I said that like I use other stuff, all my beauty supplies come from the drugstore) I think my first tube of mascara was Covergirl, and I still feel like they create the best lash of all. I like true Black or Dark Brown.


They are not kidding when they say “Color stay” this lip stick will last you all night, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. For real. I wore this lip stick on my birthday and even after all the drinks, kissing, and midnight meals, I woke up the next day, lips perfect. It doesn’t moisturize your lips, but you can layer it with a chap-stick or lip gloss. I love it because I’m all about that one-and-done thing when it comes to makeup. Especially when I travel!


I discovered this eyeliner when I was in a production of Singin’ in the Rain outside Boston. That was… years ago. I still love it. It’s smooth, and the brush leaves a perfect line. It takes a second to dry, so you have a little bit of time to get rid of the imperfections before you lock on the liner look. But it’s great for the cat-eye.


I think we are going to stay in an AirBnb while we’re there, so they may have a blow-dryer, but that might also be on the list of MUST BRING just because a girl with bangs cannot do her hair without the proper tools. For me, that’s hot air.

What are some of the things you can’t live without? Even on vacation?

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Red Dress

Valentine’s Day is only ten days away. I can’t believe how quickly this year has been going already and it’s only February.

Drew and I don’t typically brace the crowds and go out on V-day. He feels like it’s WAY over commercialized and I hate that you can never find a place to eat without a reservation from at least a week ago. However, we did have a GREAT Valentine’s Day the first year we were together, and I don’t think that one will ever be topped. I’ll tell you about it in a future post.

But I did get a great email from Anthropologie featuring this stunning red dress (pictured above) that may call for a night out just to wear it. Even though I will probably be sporting some silk PJ’s instead of a pretty dress. I like the black version, also. Very cute.

What are you wearing for Valentine’s Day?

Any Plans??

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Urban Jungle

It’s getting cooler in LA, but not quite cold enough for pants.  I love this skirt because it’s fun and comfortable.  Who can resist a little animal print?  Sometimes I make it big with a colored tank top when I go out at night, but for daytime it’s great to tone it down with a comfy sweater. Welcome to the Jungle.

Sweater - F21, Skirt - H&M, bag - CottonOn, Shoes - Target
Sweater – F21, Skirt – H&M, bag – CottonOn, Shoes – Target

DSC04523 DSC04540For the last several years I have been purchasing satchel bags, that swing over the shouder providing a comfortable hang and leaves both arms free. I love this two-toned one I got last spring at Cotton On.  It goes with just about everything, it looks like leather and the best part is… It was only $5.  Steal.



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Fall Flowers and Leather



Leslie Dysart
Dress – Target, Necklace – Buffalo Exchange, Jacket – Thrift Find, Boots – Candiesblog fall dress2 Leslie DysartThis year, I think I’m convincing myself that there has been some change in the season (Other than the sun setting sooner) that makes it feel like Fall in Southern California.  But let’s be real, it’s still beautiful, sunny and warm.  However, it does seem appropriate to wear boots this time of the year, and I don’t think there is any better boot than a cowboy boot, whatever the style.  These boots are so warn-in that I think you could get a mold of my foot from them!
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Haircut, Look Change

You know how some days you just wake up, look in the mirror and think, “I need a change.”  Well, that happened to me yesterday.  I was going to shoot another set of head shots and while blow drying my hair I realized that there was nothing I could do, with my limited knowledge of hair styling techniques that would make my hair look better than the Blah that it is currently.  To me that says, “Bad Haircut” or “Out grown haircut.”

I have long hair now. I’ve had long hair my whole life. Except for the year after I graduated high school.  I decided that I needed a “Shock and Awe” moment, so I cut my hair from it’s mid-back length to a shoulder bob. And, boy, did that look good.  That got me thinking, maybe I should do another shoulder bob…

I got on Pinterest, and here are some of the looks that really inspire me:991a1aa128a8647b9a762065714fae7d dfd3a5d198a0a359aa356454975e32d9 e8e0ca86850c66a140556ca1f5d882a0 f9e1f930a3c5b47f893bd83ea4f19c04

Hopefully, my post in the near future will be “Love this Haircut!”

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