First time in Asheville

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If there is one place that I could pick-up and impulsively move to, it would be:

Asheville, NC.

Drew and I went there this weekend after our trip to Atlanta to see his cousin marry her beau in the sweetest ceremony/reception. It was lovely, but I realized that I did not take one picture in Atlanta. Not one.

Part of that had to do with the fact that we stayed in Downtown which is sort of like Las Vegas (hear me out) in the sense that the only thing there is major chains and party-goers. Restaurant choices involved Hard Rock Café, Hooters and Chick-fil-A. Night clubs in the area are numerous, according to our hotel concierge when asked what there is to do; Or we could have taken a tour of the Coca-Cola factory. I wish we could have gone with a guide, a local who could show us the neat little restaurants and other places where locals hung out.

So when Drew woke up Sunday morning and said, “What do you think about going to Asheville?” I jumped at the idea and immediately started packing.

We arrived in Asheville around 4PM. (we had our little love-pup, Jade, so traveling always takes just a little longer once we get her walked/fed/potty-ed) Our first stop was Ben’s Tune Up, where we stumbled upon once parking the car and were drawn in by the cute patio. The owner’s dog was wandering around the area off-leash, so we took Jade off her leash and let her roam, too. (Although, Jade’s area of roaming is about a 5 foot radius around our table, she didn’t go far)

After that, we checked into our hotel room at Aloft Downtown Asheville. If you are ever looking for a pet-friendly spot, I highly recommend this chain. There are no additional pet fees, and they will give you a pet bed, two bowls, poop bags, a toy, and a bag of treats for your furry friend. Plus, they have a pet area (Grass where your doggie can do they’re business) and your pet is allowed anywhere in the hotel you are. Also, they work with local shelters and feature an adoptable dog in the lobby of the hotel. Looking for something to remember Asheville? Adopt a pet on your stay!

Since we were only in Asheville for about 24 hours, we didn’t see a whole lot of the city, mostly the downtown area. We drank a lot of beer and coffee, ate some awesome food, and basically just got a preview to the wonders of the city/area. I can’t wait to go back!

When we do go back, I want to visit the breweries and check out the hiking trails. The people there are SO friendly and anyplace that treats Jade like the child I think she is, is high in my book.

jade aloftDSC04567

Jade Aloft

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