Going Native

First, this is not a sponsored post.

I love AirBnB. And Homeaway. And whatever other vacation rental site I haven’t yet heard of or used.

There is something exciting and thrilling to travel somewhere and stay in a cool neighborhood like a local, experiencing things that most tourists aren’t going to. And whenever I say that, I think about my college Anthropology class where the professor described the term “Going Native” a common experience for anthropologists who are studying cultures and getting lost in them. That’s exactly what I like to do when I travel, get lost in the local culture.

I have stayed in many homes around the world, and honestly must say that all of them were excellent. It’s amazing how the internet has brought us such a great resource to find apartments or treehouses or boats to stay in instead of the ‘normal’ hotel. And to think that Europeans have been doing this for decades… glad we Americans have finally caught on.

To me, nothing is cooler than waking up in a neighborhood, going to a local coffee shop and seeing how life happens in that city outside of the tourist meccas and shopping centers. However, that also means that if you are in a country that doesn’t speak the same language, you are going to find that it will be more difficult to find fellow English speakers. But don’t fret, you’ll forget about the language barrier as you drink the booze that is way cheaper in the neighborhoods (Because it’s not marked up for tourists who don’t know any better, or don’t care)

When we were in Paris, we loved the Airbnb that we rented. It happened to be directly across the street from our friend’s childhood home where his parents still live; and a block or two from another friend’s apartment. Not to mention, it was in Montmarte so just an all-around splendid neighborhood, great food, great nightlife, delicious patisseries and coffee shops. In Mexico, I stayed in Roma Norte, a very trendy “Hipster” area with bike shops and markets on nearly every block, as well as Parque Mexico a short walk away.

If you are going somewhere, definitely check out renting someone’s home in a neat area over a hotel on the main strip. We’re going to Atlanta next week, and I am already looking into some cool rentals down there. Like the famous Treehouse or a cute camper.

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