How to Travel More


Last year, around this time, I read a blog post about traveling. In the post, the writer recommended that we should all work hard to travel at least once a month. This post came from a travel blogger, mind you, so when I was reading the post I thought to myself, “yeah, easy for you to say, you travel around the world for a living!” 

But as the post went on, the writer described how she started her blog from business trips. She happened to be in a career that sent her to various locations world wide. While in these places, she started to create city profiles and take pictures in her down time. Again, that is not even close to describing my life, so how did that relate to me?

She goes on to talk about how the “normal” person can do this. And it’s not as glamorous as you’d think, and a LOT more feasible for all the rest of us working those 9-5ers. What she recommended is that we should all try to take a trip once a month, even if that means going to a neighboring city for the weekend, or a camping trip, or even a day trip. Anything that forces you to get out of your normal routine and see a different landscape, because in essence, that is travel.

I remember telling Drew this idea, and he was completely game! (Although, we did do a lot more travel than that last year, we had no idea what the year would look like from the beginning) We started January and February right with a day trip to San Diego, where we played on the beach and lounged in the Stone Brewery tasting room for the rest of the afternoon, then to Arizona where we stayed with Drew’s folks and explored downtown Tempe. Both trips were cheap, we drove to both places in several hours, and they were the right amount of escape from our daily LA landscape. Plus, neither of us lost any working days.

So as we are all planning the rest of the year, try to plan some mini-vacations over long weekends, or fly by the seat of your pants, that works too.

Where do you hope this year takes you?

Any destinations that you would LOVE to visit??

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