Looking back at my past year on this Earth


2017 was one for the books. And I know I may be a little late from the New Year, but it’s only a day before my birthday. So it’s the last year of my life in review.

“This has been a crazy year!” Said everyone ever when describing the previous year. But seriously, for me, it’s been one for the books; unexpected and down-played, high highs and really low lows, but overall, absolutely amazing.

I think everyone feels a little unsure when there is a change in the political spectrum. And this year was probably the biggest upset yet! Whatever side you look towards, you can’t deny the absolute crazy that has surrounded American politics and Twitter since November 2016. I was not one on the congratulatory side; to be honest, I’m not sure I had a side. Since the inauguration, both parties have disappointed me, and left me feeling like no one really represents my interests. (Maybe Bernie, idealist and all) The biggest disappointment was not the elephant that won, but the fact that we let a horrible person, with no morals who openly admitted to harassing and abusing women, into our office of national acclaim. I guess we really know where women stand in this world.


And just when I was feeling really down, and bummed, and just plain sad about the whole thing, I went to the largest peaceful protest the world has ever seen (Literally). And there I realized hope is not lost. I met women from all over the United States, all over the world, who had traveled to say that we are not merely men’s play things, we are strong, we are united and we are here! I cried happy tears a lot that day. I still do when I think about it. It was a life-changing event that I believe is the start for so much to come.


In the Spring, we set off on our first trip to Mexico! It was more than I thought it would be. A charming country full of spectacularly hospitable people. We watched the union of Drew’s brother in a backyard wedding that was laid-back and beautiful in all the right places. We saw old friends, not forgotten and missed. Then Drew went back early to be in class, and I explored Mexico City. Alright, when I say “Explored” I really mean “Shopped.” I bought all the colorful things that made me smile. (OK not all, no suitcase in the world is big enough all for that!)


Later that summer, we went to yet another wedding, this time it was Drew’s cousin and her long-time beau. The event brought us to Atlanta (I’d never been there either!) and we got Drew his first 3-piece suite, which he looks so dashing in; I can’t believe we didn’t capture one picture! (Not one!) After the wedding, we spontaneously drove to Asheville, NC. We booked a hotel from the car on the drive up and spent a few days soaking it all in. I think Jade loved Asheville as much as I did, (Another magical place) she was welcome in all the shops and most of the restaurants.

jade aloft

In September, another grand something happened: My sister, Kelsy, and I embarked on the Camino de Santiago. We walked over 500 miles in 30 days across the entire country of Spain. I’d wanted to do it since 2009, when I’d read an article in my mom’s AARP magazine written by Emilio Estevez talking about his movie “The Way.” It was a bucket-list event that I knew would come my way eventually. This was they year that the stars aligned and it was our time! The camino was everything I could have imagined it would be: Adventure, sister-bonding, hiking, 3 changes of clothes-wearing, life-evaluating, and dream manifesting. On this trip, I manifested a digital media job, and decided that I was worthy; all I ask is a steady paycheck to be creative. And guess what...


When I returned from Spain, the universe rushed to my aid sending me tons of email interests, phone interviews, a couple of in-person interviews, and then one really big move. I accepted a job in Virginia Beach, so we packed up the fur-babies and drove everything three hours south. So far, I love it here: I love my job, all the people are so kind, and I feel inspired to create again. I feel renewed.

So just when I was thinking that maybe this year wasn’t anything too special, I have to really look back at all the wonderment that occurred and realize, I live a good life.

I’m so excited for more adventures to come, probably nothing too far from our ocean-side launch point. But then again, who knows, it’s just the start of another year!

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