Mexico Holiday

At the end of April, we went to Mexico.

The whole trip was planned around the union of Drew’s brother, Ben and his love (Now wife) Clau, in a lovely ceremony near her hometown in the mountains outside of Toluca. And it was spectacularly beautiful. We drove from Mexico City through windy roads watching farmers plow fields without the advanced technology we call tractors, and people outside their cinder-block homes playing with their children just to get to the site of the wedding.

The light in the mountains of Mexico is gorgeous, and I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t spend the entire trip looking through my camera lens trying to capture every moment. But in my defense, there were friendly dogs at nearly every turn that needed a little extra loving, and family/friends that required more personalized attention. That you can’t do through a camera lens.

The day of the ceremony was lovely. We feasted twice (Wedding started around 2PM – so there was lunch and late-night dinner), danced, took pictures and video, and enjoyed the people that we don’t see enough.

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Drew’s nieces and two neighbor dogs on a country road near the wedding venue

The day after the wedding, most of the foreigners (AKA the Americans) had to travel back to the states. We caravan-ed in a bus back to Mexico City, back through those windy roads, and straight to the airport. I planned a little extra time in Mexico City, booked an AirBnB in the Neighborhood “Roma,” and planned to spend the evening and all the following day exploring.

I took an Uber from the airport to my AirBnb (which only cost $15 USD per night at the time!) I immediately needed to get out, eat and explore. I walked to the nearby Mercado Roma, a foodie’s food court full of the hippest Mexican stands offering everything you imagine. I ate Ceviche that night with Cerveza del Sol, costing minimal pesos (about $4 USD) before returning to my AirBnb for the night.

The following morning (Monday) was my only full day in Mexico City, and what I didn’t realize when booking my trip is that all the museums are closed on Mondays. (*Must keep in mind for future travel*) So I went shopping instead. I headed directly to La Ciudadela on foot, which was much further than I thought from the map view. I had to stop twice for coffee. The first stop was an awesome shop with delicious coffee, Dosis Café. While there, I watched a man walk inside with two large dogs! No one asked him to leave. In fact, it seemed no one, but me, even noticed. Obviously, Mexico is very dog-friendly.

The artesian market, La Ciudadela, is huge and full of everything from traditional Mexican blankets, to food, art, jewelry, dia de los muertes dolls, and more. Honestly the best place to buy gifts for the folks you love back home. I probably could have spent more money here, but after 4 hours of aimless wandering, I had to get some food and check out more of the city.

I took an Uber back to Roma to drop off my bags of goods: all that morning’s purchases, then headed directly to Hotel Condesa DF, the most recommended place on all social media, for a mid-afternoon drink and chow. The rooftop bar/restaurant is quite cool. Easily Instagram-able. I opted for Mezcal, because when-in-Mexico, and a few sushi rolls.

After that, I spent the rest of the day meandering through the streets of Colonia Condesa through shops, parks and buildings from the 1920s. Parque Mexico is the best place for dog/people watching. Colima is the road you want to take for some interesting shops, restaurants, and architecture.

When I returned to my AirBnb that night and realized that my Mexico City preview was nearly over, I felt incredibly sad. I had just spent the day speaking broken Spanish, eating delicious food, and watching a beautiful culture in their daily lives. Why didn’t I plan for more than one day? There is still so much to see/do/experience, people to meet, music to listen to, dances to learn, food to eat…

Because I needed to get back to my Drew. He was one of the Americans that had to return Sunday after the wedding. He was hanging out at home with the fur babies, taking finals, and missing me. And I was missing him.

The last night I was there, I went to Mercado Roma again, but to a different food stand. I had the best Pozole I’ve eaten in my entire life (Again spent about $6 USD). Alone. I watched an American couple from across the bar, who spoke better Spanish than me recount their day, laugh, and love each other: The perfect traveling companions. That’s when I really started to miss my love. I wish I could have shared my adventures that day with him.

Mexico City is an enchanting city. I would highly recommend anyone to visit: It’s safe, probably the friendliest community of people I’ve ever met, and beautiful. I’m already counting down the days to my next visit, hopefully this time a little longer with the best companion a lady could ask for.

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