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Sunrise over Paris
Sunrise over Paris

I was talking to a friend the other day about the holiday season, specifically what we did for the new year in celebration of the clock striking 12 on the first day of a brand new number.

For her, the evening was mild. She wanted to plan a party, but working in retail didn’t allow much time for planning (It’s crazy at Christmastime). So, she and her boyfriend had a few friends over, and she described the evening as, “well, I would have been just as comfortable and happy in my bed.” That led to the discussion of how the New Year has changed to society’s increased commercial influence.

Mine was similar. We wanted to go out, but I worked on New Year’s Eve and wasn’t feeling much like a party, plus the cover fees to almost everywhere were intimidating to say the least. So we (Drew, me and his friend) went to a local spot where we enjoyed good food, good conversation, and I was in bed by 11PM. In my eyes, that was a great success to an overrated holiday.

What was once a day of good tidings, food, and friends (Sort of Christmas’ after party, and I know this because I watched When Harry Met Sally) somehow changed and now sets the bar for how we measure the outcome of the whole rest of the year based on what we did for one night! And then (It gets better) we must wake up (hungover) the next day and make resolutions for the next 364 days. No planning, no thinking, and hardly any sleep. No wonder everyone sets their goal to lose weight, you’re probably bloated after a night of thousands of liquid calories. It’s just so silly.

My friend, mentioned above, suggested that rather than making resolutions in one day, we should change our focus to take January the month of evaluating and planning. No great feats where accomplished in a day, so why should we all disappoint ourselves with empty promises that we made up on a whim because everyone was doing it? And why is that our holiday tradition? Again, it’s just silly.

Therefore, friends, I would like to invite you to take January to evaluate what happened last year, where we grew, where we could have, and make a plan for this year, 2016.

It’s going to be a good year, I can tell.

Links to inspire your planning:

This girl set out on an adventure through South America after quitting her perfect NYC life.

If you are on the right track, you just want to add a little more fun, Get a Hobby!

This is something I want to do this year, launch something. (Just haven’t figured out what that is yet…)

Happy New Year.

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