Moving: The Final Chapter


It’s official. We are moved in to our sweet little apartment in Central Austin = It. Is. Wonderful.

I don’t know if either of us have ever been more happy about moving. Despite all the car/financial trouble that we faced, we’re here! And It is sort of like we moved in for the first time together, even though we’ve been living together for almost 2 years! The last time, as Drew pointed out, he moved into “my” apartment. I did the decorating before he got there, and even though I was totally open to hanging his stuff or moving things around, he always felt like it was a girl’s apartment. Which I suppose it was.

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Southwestern Salad

Great weeknight meal. Drew came up with this salad a week ago, and it has been on my mind ever since! It’s sooo yummy!

These are the kind of “assembly” meals I like, you know, where you just cut and toss it all together. Easy, tasty, and minimal dishes to clean up! 🙂



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On Marriage:

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage…” We all know that song, right? I remember singing it in elementary school with no idea that it was really societal brain-washing starting at a young age. Why didn’t the song sing: “First comes love, then comes adventure, then comes careers with a co-parent strategy that will rock the next generation…” I guess because it doesn’t rhyme.

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A few first impressions of Texas

Drew and I are trying to move to Austin, TX. And during our South East Road Trip 2015, we stopped for a few days to learn as much as we could about the city and check out some apartments that are in our price range. What we found was exciting and somewhat stereotypical (but still awesome).

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This might be a house warming gift to myself. Found on Etsy.

It’s Bigger in Texas

That’s TRUE! Everything is bigger in Texas. From the drink sizes, a small is equivalent to a medium or large everywhere else; to the apartments, I think everyone who showed us an apartment was silently laughing at our childlike prancing and twirls in every closet. (to all my friends who love clothes, Texas understands and accommodates. 2.5 words: Walk-in Closet!) You really get a lot more for your money in Texas, especially as compared to LA. What we paid for our run down, mold-infested apartment in Los Angeles would buy us a loft in Downtown Austin. Sometimes bigger is better.

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LA Guide – According to a Local!

Andrew Fromer is a friend of mine that I met in an acting class in Los Angeles. Andrew hosts a weekly podcast, blogs AND acts for film, television, and commercials. A native of LA, he shares his favorite food stops, scenic drives, nights out and getaways — where the locals go!

I can’t tell you how strange it is, the looks I get when I tell people I’m from LA.

“No, where are you from before LA?”

“No no,” I say. “I was born in Santa Monica, hung out at the old Sherman Oaks Galleria, the one from Fast Times. I slept through the Northridge ‘quake. I remember a time when downtown LA was not cool, just creepy and hipster-free.”

I am an LA native, and it is weird. This place is weird. Its identity in flux, fractured, and big: Really, really big. “Sprawling” I believe is the word. Some parts of it I love; some parts of it I hate. But here are some of my favorite things to do in and around LA, so maybe you can enjoy it just a little bit more.

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Cherry Tartine

Cherry Tartine
Cherry Tartine

July = Cherry Season.

At least, that’s how I see it.

I have been really excited for cherries all summer, and finally got a HUGE box of them. However, now that I have a huge box, there are only so many you can eat at a time. So I have been searching the internet for recipes. I found this one which sounded tasty and easy, my two favorite adjectives when it comes to recipes. And it is not tasty, it’s divine.

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Cat on a Plane


Traveling has never really been stressful for me. We traveled A LOT growing up, and my dad was always so unbelievably excited that I think I can’t imagine traveling any other way other than being very excited all the time. Especially when it comes to flying. My favorite!

Moving Jax (the cat) has been a process. Drew and I were both concerned about how he would do in the car, with the UHaul for over 12 hours and therefore, we felt it would be better if I flew with the cat. In theory, flying with a cat seems ridiculous. He’s a cat. But in the end, I had a great experience. If you are going to travel with a small pet in the future, I hope my experience will benefit you!

First of all, every airline has a different fee amount and individual regulations for traveling with pets. Some allow you to hold your animal on your lap, while others only offer pet travel below deck. I flew Allegiant Air which may have the best pet travel policy. It is a $100 pet fee as long as the pet fits under the seat. You are not allowed to bring the pet out of the carrier during flight. And that’s it. No pet health certificates or any other additional paperwork as long as you are flying within the contiguous 48 states. That’s it. $100.

Before the trip, we took Jax to the vet to get their opinion on the best way to travel with him. They gave us little kitty-calming pills and advised us to give Jax half-a-pill to help him relax. I am anti-unnecessary medication for animals, so, I am not a huge fan of this. But I also didn’t want Jax to have a heart-attack if it could be prevented. The pills didn’t seem to affect Jax’s mood much other than making him less vocal. The vet also gave us calming wipes that we wiped his carrier down with. Apparently, the smell is supposed to relax him similar to how people feel with lavender or eucalyptus scents.  They also recommended giving him a T-shirt that smelled like us that he could hide under, since cats feel safer in smaller spaces.

When we got to the airport, late, everyone from the desk attendants to the TSA agents were incredibly kind. (Yes, you got that right, the TSA people were NICE). You cannot send your pet through the Xray machine (which seems obvious, but I guess not look here) You must remain with your pet at all times, meaning, you have to hold your pet through the metal detectors.

Jax was scared into submission; So he was an angel. Everyone from the TSA people to the folks in line around me commented on what a beautiful cat he was. Once I got to my seat on the plane, the surrounding passengers were very sweet, even giving me chocolate! Ha! I must have looked slightly panicked. The only time Jax really freaked was during take-off. He began panting! Poor guy. I opened the carrier and tried to console him with affection. After that, he seemed OK for the rest of the flight.


My sister picked us up from the airport and once we were in the car Jax climbed out of his carrier and onto my lap. I think it was traumatic for him, to be honest. But the whole experience was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

End Note: Check with your vet before flying, even if they don’t recommend pills, they will probably give you good tips for travel. Also, look over the restrictions and regulations for your airline’s animal travel. Some require much more paperwork that your vet may have to help you complete.

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