Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

These are SO good, and I don’t even like bacon. (They are seriously yummy)

bacon jalapeno poppers

I LOVE Jalapeno poppers. They have been a ‘favorite food’ for as long as I can remember. The first time I had bacon jalapeno poppers was at a restaurant I was working at, it was a slow afternoon and we had to get rid of some extra bacon, so someone suggested these. I actually haven’t made these since then. (I never have “extra” bacon, I never buy bacon in the first place)

But trust me when I say, this will be a crowd-pleaser!

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Wes Anderson, Favorite Filmmaker right now

Last week, Drew and I watched The Royal Tenenbaums, a Wes Anderson classic. It was fantastic.

Last night, we watched Moonrise Kingdom, which I also loved. And I was thinking about how all Wes Anderson movies are remarkably cinematic. His style, his story, his color palette, how he uses interesting symbols and themes… It’s like he actually uses all the literary things we learned in College English 101. He’s bringing good, well created stories to the silver screen. Which is wonderful and it totally works! At least, for me.

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Southern Peach Sangria

I know that it feels like summer is over now that school’s started and Labor Day is behind us, but this is a Peach Sangria that will make it always feel like summer! It’s also a great way to use those end-of-the-season peaches.

Southern Peach Sangria2


Another mix and drink recipe! Although, if you are sharing, it is best when it can marinate overnight. Those peaches will really soak up the bourbon.

1 bottle of white wine (Table wine is great, not too sweet)
1 nip (Airplane bottle) of Bourbon OR about 1 oz if you just have that around your house
2 peaches cut into small pieces
½ cup Triple Sec
2 cups Orange Juice
(Optional) Add simple syrup if it’s not sweet enough

Mix it all together in a pitcher, and you are ready to serve with some fresh slices the next day!

Note* You really can taste the bourbon in the peaches, so get a more expensive one to make a smoother flavor.

Southern Peach Sangria3



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Moving: The Final Chapter


It’s official. We are moved in to our sweet little apartment in Central Austin = It. Is. Wonderful.

I don’t know if either of us have ever been more happy about moving. Despite all the car/financial trouble that we faced, we’re here! And It is sort of like we moved in for the first time together, even though we’ve been living together for almost 2 years! The last time, as Drew pointed out, he moved into “my” apartment. I did the decorating before he got there, and even though I was totally open to hanging his stuff or moving things around, he always felt like it was a girl’s apartment. Which I suppose it was.

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Southwestern Salad

Great weeknight meal. Drew came up with this salad a week ago, and it has been on my mind ever since! It’s sooo yummy!

These are the kind of “assembly” meals I like, you know, where you just cut and toss it all together. Easy, tasty, and minimal dishes to clean up! 🙂



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On Marriage:

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage…” We all know that song, right? I remember singing it in elementary school with no idea that it was really societal brain-washing starting at a young age. Why didn’t the song sing: “First comes love, then comes adventure, then comes careers with a co-parent strategy that will rock the next generation…” I guess because it doesn’t rhyme.

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A few first impressions of Texas

Drew and I are trying to move to Austin, TX. And during our South East Road Trip 2015, we stopped for a few days to learn as much as we could about the city and check out some apartments that are in our price range. What we found was exciting and somewhat stereotypical (but still awesome).

Austin, Austin Neighborhoods, Austin Skyline, Austin Texas, Austin Art, Austin Print, Austin Poster, Austin TX, Austin Typography, Texas
This might be a house warming gift to myself. Found on Etsy.

It’s Bigger in Texas

That’s TRUE! Everything is bigger in Texas. From the drink sizes, a small is equivalent to a medium or large everywhere else; to the apartments, I think everyone who showed us an apartment was silently laughing at our childlike prancing and twirls in every closet. (to all my friends who love clothes, Texas understands and accommodates. 2.5 words: Walk-in Closet!) You really get a lot more for your money in Texas, especially as compared to LA. What we paid for our run down, mold-infested apartment in Los Angeles would buy us a loft in Downtown Austin. Sometimes bigger is better.

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