October Birthday


Angeles National forest -- Drew
Angeles National forest — Drew

Last week we celebrated Drew’s Birthday by getting out of the city and into the wild.  We ventured to Angeles National Forest, which always feels far, far away from LA and the ocean, even though it is merely a two hour drive.

Winding our way through the forgotten highway 2, we watch the terrain change so quickly.  We overlook a shrinking reservoir (California’s Drought crisis has now become a stunning visual locked in my mind’s eye) And even crossed paths with a wild tarantula, larger than any pet spiders I’ve seen.

At the end of our day-of-discovery, our escape from the city, we ate at a cafe tucked between Mt. Islip and South Mt. Hawkins– The Crystal Cafe located on a beautiful, Colorado-esque campground.  There we consumed homemade chili, banana bread, and tuna-on-sourdough from Styrofoam plates using a spork.  It couldn’t have been any better. We took a break from dinner to watch a herd of deer pass through the campground as the man in charge told us that he’d seen two bears the day before.  “Maybe they’ll be back tonight” he told us, but we never saw them.

We managed to miss traffic on the way back, as LA began to consume us again.  Back home, back to Jax.  I can’t wait for our next adventure.  Maybe this time it can be a little longer.

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The Start of Caturdays

Jax the Cat
Jax the Cat

Happy Saturday OR Caturday to all.  I would like to first begin this by introducing our feline love, JAX.

Drew and I adopted Jax at the beginning of the summer after a few brief meetings.  He was a 6 year old cat that was de-clawed on all four paws (Not cool people) and surrendered because “He likes to be alone too much.” Jax has now been living with us for a few months, and we are still getting to know one another. I feel like there has already been some sort of a bond: He knows we are his humans. We love him, take hundreds of pictures of him on every device we can, and obsess over his well being (Like what canned food he prefers, what toys are the most stimulating, etc.) Even though Drew and I have been pet owners most of our lives, we’ve never adopted a full grown animal. And with that the bonding process is slower, or at least with cats like Jax.

I don’t know what kind of world Jax witnessed growing up.  Aside from the ridiculous statements on why the previous owners were unhappy with him, the alone thing and they claimed he didn’t like other cats, we are doing our best to make the most loving and happy environment we can.  He follows us from room to room.  He gets along with everyone who comes over. And very recently he climbed into my lap for the first time.  Jax loves attention, so I always thought it would be just a matter of time, but it happened and it made me feel like this is deeper that just a cat we adopted: we’re family. Maybe this makes me sound like a crazy cat lady, but I don’t care.  Jax is the sweetest kitty-cat.  And I’m happy his previous owners surrendered him, and we were lucky enough to adopt such a sweetheart.  He’s definitely enhanced our lives!

Stay tuned for more life on the adopted side stories about Jax.  Obviously, I have a lot of pictures to share, and I can’t help but be that lady always talking about her cat like it’s a child.

If you are looking for a new pet, look into adopting one, please.

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The always inspirational: LENA DUNHAM

SO, I just recently got into the amazing, watchable GIRLS on HBO.  And what have I been missing?  Needless to say, I started watching the show a couple of weeks ago, and although I didn’t binge watch, I did get through all three seasons pretty quickly. Now, I’m anxious for Season 4.

Until that season premiere, Lena Dunham has given us the opportunity to dive a little deeper into her personal life with her upcoming book Not That Kind of Girl,  which I can only imagine is filled with her interesting humor and strange life anecdotes that are easy to apply and relate to my own life as a misunderstood, still-figuring-it-out, trying to make it 20-something.  And to promote her book she, obviously, turned to Youtube to get the buzz on Social Media.  Brilliant.


If you follow the link above, you can watch all twelve of her videos.  Below, I posted my favorite. Enjoy.


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Beginning this Monday off right, a little painting I did to help keep a positive outlook on the week ahead.



Keep looking for it.  And it will find you.

Acrylic on paper 8.5×11


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Finding Inspiration

megan beach

Working as a creative is just as exciting as it is challenging.  More times than not, it seems like there is never enough time to finish a project, yet finding that initial push to get things going is sometimes the timekeeper that makes it difficult to begin a task.  So where do you start when you have no idea?

Recently, I’ve been battling with a  sort of writer’s block that seems to be seeping into all of my other projects.  And that’s very frustrating.  But even more frustrating than that is knowing that all I need is to get on a roll and I will be going with so much kinetic energy, I’ll be unstoppable.  Part of that problem is my priorities and what I’m committing my extra time to.  I’m not gonna lie: lists and schedules keep my world going round and round.

When I was in college, I was an expert at time management. What changed? I think having that other person (my professors) to give deadlines.  You had to organize your time well or there would be an instant repercussion: your grade would fail.  So how could I get that sort of ‘heavy’ in my life that would make me feel the pressure?

Make a list

I once read that successful people make lists the night before of what they need to accomplish the next day.  That does two things: First, it frees your mind of the circles it’s going to try and run in as you try to fall asleep; Second, you have a plan do get going as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Re- inspire

Take a class. There are so many awesome classes out there that are free or very cheap.  I, personally, have been binge-watching skillshare.com videos.  I initially took the 7 day free trial, loved it so much that I have been a ‘member’ for a while.  You can stop anytime, but the experts they get to give the lectures are cool, to the point and entertaining.  Best $10 I’ve spent in a while that also benefits my life.  There are other sites like this as well.  A friend of mine just told me about Lynda.com — I have yet to check that one out.

Someone to hold you accountable

It helps me to get friends’ projects going.  I’ve recently been doing photo shoots with my friends to try and get some additional creative activities in my life.  And the great thing is, if you promise them that you’ll get them copies, you better get that going. For me, it’s a deadline that helps keep me focused.

Take a break

This is awesome and the hardest.  I beat myself up if I take breaks. I feel like there are hundreds of other things I could be doing, but I’m not.  I’ve found for this to work, I need to get away from my work station — completely out of my apartment — and do an activity that distracts you from doing any work. I always come back completely rejuvenated.


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Haircut, Look Change

You know how some days you just wake up, look in the mirror and think, “I need a change.”  Well, that happened to me yesterday.  I was going to shoot another set of head shots and while blow drying my hair I realized that there was nothing I could do, with my limited knowledge of hair styling techniques that would make my hair look better than the Blah that it is currently.  To me that says, “Bad Haircut” or “Out grown haircut.”

I have long hair now. I’ve had long hair my whole life. Except for the year after I graduated high school.  I decided that I needed a “Shock and Awe” moment, so I cut my hair from it’s mid-back length to a shoulder bob. And, boy, did that look good.  That got me thinking, maybe I should do another shoulder bob…

I got on Pinterest, and here are some of the looks that really inspire me:991a1aa128a8647b9a762065714fae7d dfd3a5d198a0a359aa356454975e32d9 e8e0ca86850c66a140556ca1f5d882a0 f9e1f930a3c5b47f893bd83ea4f19c04

Hopefully, my post in the near future will be “Love this Haircut!”

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First Post!

This is the first day of the rest of my life!  No, but really, I’m excited to be here.  I have been planning to do this for a while now, and I can’t wait to get to sharing the amazing ideas that I have.

A little about this: My boyfriend and I love to travel, we own a cat, and occupy a space (2bdrm Apartment) in Mar Vista, Los Angeles.  I also feel the need to mention that my boyfriend is an awesome cook, and I love to eat, so great recipes are going to show up here from time to time.  I’m also an actor, writer, producer, so sometimes that is probably going to take over.

So thank you in advance for sharing the space. I invite ideas for the home, life, belly and mind. And hope that we can enjoy this blog together.

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